#1 San Diego Heavy Item Movers

Apart from being a massive undertaking, carrying heavy items necessitates the assistance of qualified and experienced personnel. You should only trust experts for efficient and secure heavy item moving.

Be it furniture, piano, or pool table; handling heavy items is a high-risk activity because it can destroy the item and also the room’s doors, walls, and windows. Worse, it has the potential to cause severe injury. As a result, heavy item moving needs experience and skill.

Easy Go Moving cost-effective, stress-free, time-efficient, and secure heavy item moving services are available in San Diego, California.

Furniture Movers

Our expert furniture movers can assist you if you are unsure how to securely move furniture. Whether you’re moving one huge furniture piece or carrying a load of furniture, Easy Go Moving has you covered. We can assist you with moving items within your current residence and between apartments.

Piano Movers

Despite their weight and size, pianos are sensitive instruments that require protection. You want cautious, considerate, and knowledgeable movers. Our piano movers secure your piano’s 88 keys, lid, legs, and pedals, besides safely moving them. They also remove or protect the lyre according to your preference.

Pool Table Movers

Pool table moving is a difficult task that should at no time be attempted by yourself, family, or friends, or by engaging a moving firm that lacks the necessary experience and expertise.

The table is totally disassembled by our pool table movers. They use moving blankets to wrap table components, particularly the rails, and keep the slates positioned flat.

Trusted Movers

Do you require your furniture, piano, or pool table moved? Easy Go Moving excels in expertly handling heavy items moving. We boast of trained personnel to manage all your heavy items moving.